Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flying Solo

Talk to your child about the book, Flying Solo, by Ralph Fletcher.  The 4th graders just finished this book and the 3rd graders are just starting this story about a classroom dilemma.  Students arrive at school one day only to discover that their teacher is absent and they do not have a substitute.  Will they tell their principal or run the classroom themselves for the day?  Share some of the following questions over dinner:
  • Why did Ralph Fletcher explore the idea of "flying solo?"  What does that mean?
  • How did the children think they could work together all day without guidance?
  • How do you think the IMA class would handle a day without a teacher?
  • How does this book tie into our Community Unit?
We will keep you posted on the discussions, questions, and debates that emerge from this read aloud!

Check out more information about this book:

More information about Ralph Fletcher:


  1. The book is very fun to read. It is about a 6th grade class and the teacher's name is Mr.fabiano or Mr.fab for short. one day he is not there so the kids take OVER. DON DON DON!!!

  2. This book will really make us think and will be a starter for many discussions. Keep the discussion going in class!

    Mrs. S