Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Nonfiction Resource for Kids!

DOGOnews is a great resource site for children and families to enjoy together.  Whether a child is interested in independent research or looking for websites for recreational reading, DOGOnews offers so many options to inquiring thinkers.  A talented teacher/librarian named Franki (see her website A Year of Reading) shared this resource on her blog and I started Monday's Reading Workshop with an introduction to DOGOnews

The kids noticed the following features:
  • the organization and navigation tools make it easy to find interesting reading material
  • the site links to a HUGE assortment of student-friendly websites
  • no matter what interests, hobbies, or questions you have-you will find something to capture your attention as a reader
  • you will read and think of many more wonder questions after you read just one article
  • the appealing and helpful videos support your learning

"This is such a FUN website!" raved a child during independent reading time.  "I cannot wait to keep reading on this site every single day!!!!" added a second child. It was so rewarding to see them chattering and engaged as learners, reading side-by-side with such joy and enthusiasm. Thanks to Franki for sharing such a great resource and to my IMA kids and families: Happy Summer Reading!