Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Christmas elves arrived early in Room 137-our Smart Board was installed today!!!!  The technicians unexpectedly knocked on our door at 11:45 and the board was up and running by 2:00.  Wahoo!  The children and I thank you for this amazing gift and we look forward to discovering and sharing the many ways we can use this unique learning tool. 

A Holiday Book Ritual

As we count down the days to Winter Vacation, I try to share at least one holiday book a day with each IMA class.  Today we read, Who Would Like A Christmas Tree?  The reader follows a year-in-the-life of a pine before it goes home with a human family as a Christmas tree December.  Starting in January, the book shows how the evergreen supports different wild animals, birds, insects, and plants living on the Christmas tree farm.  The reader listens to each animal or plant describe how one pine tree offers the gift of life.  

This piece of literary nonfiction blends the magic of the holidays, habitat information, and clever drawings that give the reader a sneak-peek into the lives of local animals.  It is a book that could be enjoyed by readers of any age and will be read and reread for years to come. 


Friday, December 4, 2009


After reading all of your responses, we came to the conclusion that you are very busy during December! We had wanted to address any issues that your family may be having with the Pearson website sooner rather than later but with the Christmas program, a holiday party and all our busy schedules, we think it is in everyone’s best interests to postpone it. So mark your calendars for Thursday, January 7 at 6:30 – 7:30 PM. We will meet in the school computer lab. Please feel free to bring your children!!!

MATH FACT TEST WILL BE GIVEN WEEKLY -- Most students have passed all addition and subtraction tests with 90% accuracy. We will be starting multiplication tests for those who are ready on Dec. 11. We will try to test children each Friday. As they show mastery of one test, we will let you know in an email, and they will move on to the next test.
Unfortunately, the power point practice tests Mrs. Marlatt was sending out in emails are way too big. They are bogging down both our email and others. So we are going to try a new approach. We will burn the tests to cds. We can either loan the cd to you for an evening so you can copy the files to your own computer or we can sell the cd to you for $1.00 to defer cd cost. Let us know if you are interested in receiving a cd of the tests. We will include all addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tests on the cd so you will also have these available for siblings as they need them.

A Visit With Dr. Languis

Dr. Languis shared the Green Machine with the IMA community today.  Chapman was lucky enough to receive a solar and wind energy unit that will allow our students to work with renewable energy for the next year.  The free standing unit will let us study how solar and wind energy is created, stored, and then used to power common household items.

The Green Machine is a perfect addition to our Community Unit and our reading of the novel, The City of Ember.  Ask your child about today's presentation and what he or she learned. 

In addition to an energy discussion, ask your child about the job he or she selected as a contributing member of Imaville, our virtual community.  The children selected a job, created business plans describing why their job is vital to the community, and have created partnerships with other Imaville residents.  IMA investigated how and why laws are created and had so much fun looking at many of the crazy laws on states' record books, learning that strange events can trigger even stranger legal reactions. 

Our Community Unit has taken off in more positive ways than we ever imagined.  We will keep you posted on the learning and we ask you to keep asking your child about Imaville and how we are learning together.

To compliment our work with Dr. Languis, Mrs. Marlatt has set up a hotlist that the children will be visiting at school. Feel free to visit it at home and try the fun links that explain energy and resources. It is at http://www.kn.att.com/wired/fil/pages/listresourcefm.html

Report Cards

Your child is bringing home his or her report card today.  As multiage parents, you will notice a difference in the report card's format compared to previous cards.  The district adopted a new web-based grade book called Progress Book and our report card is blended with the grade book functions.  Due to the district's adoption, our 4th graders will be receiving letter grades for the first time in addition to the marks of AC, PR, and LP.

As always, after reviewing the report with your child, please contact us if you have questions, comments, or wish to schedule a conference. 

Third graders will be bringing home their Fall Ohio Reading Achievement Test results on Monday.  Please look for an information letter attached to the report. Please contact us if you have questions about the OAT results.  Our 4th graders did not take the fall test and will only be tested in the spring.

We are so proud of each child and marvel at the growth and enthusiasm each child brings to the community each day.  Thank you for your continued support.