Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interesting Neighbors

White-tailed Deer are common neighbors in Central Ohio.  We often see bucks and does wandering in fields, woods, and even neighborhoods.  Why is it so much trickier to find fawns?  How do so many fawns manage to avoid predators?  Follow the link below and find out more about our 4-legged neighbors.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Resource For Writers

Storybird is a new digital writing and reading resource in our classroom.  Using a variety of artists' resources, students use the shared artwork, design their own books, and then write their own creative and personal narratives.  Some of the stories are funny, some are serious, but they are all as interesting and unique as each child.

Please ask your child to show you how to use this resource.  Read some of the published stories. Explore the ways that writers can create stories in the public and private libraries. The public stories are stories shared freely on the website.  IMA students will publish only in our private "class" and our stories will only be viewed and shared by IMA students and their families.  

This is a new resource that holds many possibilities for our writers. Try collaborating on a story with your child. Read some of the stories together.  Enjoy the site!  
Let me know what you think of this digital writing resource.