Saturday, October 24, 2009


The IMA children planned their first party and the results were amazing.  They brainstormed and planned a menu and shared ideas about Halloween party activities.  What they want to do most is visit with their friends.  Team Smith requested ice cream and fruit kabobs with water.  Team Marlatt requested brownies, gummy worms, and water.  Interesting menu items to say the least!  Each team decided upon one optional party activity:  Team Smith kids want to decorate mini-pumpkins and Team Marlatt will create Fortune Tellers. (Fortune Tellers are the folded paper Cootie-Catchers we made back in the day!)  On Monday, the kids will sign up for their party jobs.  The jobs are either for set-up, serving, or clean up. 

If the weather cooperates, kids will be able to explore the Habitat with their families and friends during the party as well. We hope you can attend the IMA gatherings and celebrate the fun times that Halloween creates for children. 

Thanks to our IMA parents who volunteered to send in items listed on our email request for donations.  You will get a confirmation email from us regarding your donation.  You can send in the treats or craft items on the day of our party.  We have plenty of other gatherings this year that will need your kind donations, so please do not send in last minute, surprise bags of candy, cookies and other treats for the Halloween gathering.  We appreciate the kind gifts, but the extras end up being bagged up and sent home. 

Enjoy the weekend and keep checking our blog for updates!

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