Friday, December 2, 2011

The Gift of Poetry

This week our Fourth Graders took the first half of the Stanford Achievement Test.  Each testing day involved Jolly Ranchers and Lifesaver Mints.  Each day after testing, the third graders noticed how the classroom smelled "minty" when they returned to Room 137.  On Poetry Friday, the third graders decided to surprise the fourth graders with the gift of poetry and they created this Lifesaver poem using similes and metaphors.  We worked in pairs and created many similes and then we revised and crafted this poem.  Enjoy!  You will never think of Lifesavers in the same way again!


An alarm clock for your mouth!!!

A mouth preserver- pocket toothpaste
for pepperoni pizza lunch days

A cart-wheeling flavor dancing in your mouth

A steering wheel driving you to the cold wintry Arctic

An "OH" that burns all spicy like a
bouncing hockey puck!

A surprising candy doughnut that sprinkles fun
on testing days.

Congratulations 4th graders for finishing the first half
of the Stanford Tests!!!!

Good Luck next week!