Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Do You Know About Beavers?

 I've always been intrigued by the work ethic and engineering skills of beavers. They are such shy creatures and it is a rare gift to see one swimming, working, or waddling along the shore.  Visit the Growing With Science Blog this week; take some time to learn about beavers and their quiet, industrious lives.  The kids and I will be working on developing focused Wonder Questions this week.  Our goal is to use the Big Idea or Main Idea with supporting details when we craft our written responses to our own questions. Use the beaver resources below to help your child identify the big idea or main idea of a nonfiction selection and to select supporting details.  Your child can talk about main idea and supporting details with you; they can also use their gathered information to write a blog post at: The IMA Kids blog.

Enjoy a learning adventure at this wonderful site:

Here's another great learning link:

Did you know:  Costly Construction: With its dam-building activities, the American beaver causes roughly $100 million in property damages every year. 

This fact will not deter my appreciation of the second largest rodent in the world!

Finally:  a great video to share!

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