Sunday, January 16, 2011

Animals: Dressing For Winter

Today my family and I spent the afternoon sledding.  We had a great time zooming down the hills, enjoying the sun, and making the most of our time outside.  When we got home, we peeled off many layers: boots, coats, hats, gloves, ski know the list! Then we enjoyed hot cocoa in front of our fireplace. 

We started talking about the animals that stay around and stay awake for winter; how do they manage through the colder days and nights of the winter season?  I remembered a recent post on eNature.  This winter article was a perfect read for a winter evening; take time to read about the ways animals cope with winter and remember to watch for wildlife in your yard and at the local parks during the coming months. Before you read this entry, ask yourself:  How do animals prepare for winter?

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  1. I bookmarked that specific article to share with my class when we start our life science unit on adaptations. I love this new website-thanks for sharing!!