Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Signs of the Season

February often brings cold, icy, and unpredictable weather to Ohio; start chasing away thoughts of cabin fever by thinking about Spring and introducing phenology activities to your family.  Phenology is the study of the seasonal timing of life cycle events.  Watching for seasonal changes brings a new brightness to our winter landscape.  Rather than thinking of February as a dreary, gray time, spend the month looking for changes in the daylight, native plants, and animals in our local habitats.  Are you seeing different birds in your yard?  Have you noticed any aromatherapy clues left behind during the undercover adventures of restless skunks?  Did you notice the time of our sunrises and sunsets?  What is happening to the branches of our deciduous trees?

Phenology activities remind us to look for subtle changes around us as we transition from winter to early spring.  Journey North is a fabulous website rich with phenology activities and articles for eager scientists to share with their families.  Enjoy the many learning opportunities at this amazing website and don't forget...Think Spring!  

Visit Journey North and let us know what you discover!

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