Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thinking About The Fiction We Read

Our fiction reading during September and October explored characters.  "What do we know and understand about ______?"  became a common launch question.  We learned to observe characters and notice their "outside" and "inside" details so we could have discussions about characters and their traits.  We learned how the work of illustrators supports our thinking.  We found that using the details helped to understand a character.  Students discovered that paying attention to the details helps us enjoy our books and allows for meaningful discussions.

Our next adventure with books involves plot.  We will explore how a character is affected by the challenges, conflicts, and choices encountered in a story.  Students will identify how characters form and maintain relationships with others.  Linking what we know about characters, our book discussions will explore what happens in the lives of our story characters.  This literature study ties into our community unit and explores how an individual or a group affects the community. 

The discussions promise to be exciting and we cannot wait to hear what the children are thinking.  Ask your child about the characters you encounter in books during home reading and enjoy the book talks.

Happy Reading!

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