Friday, November 6, 2009

Discovering Ideas and Opinions

The IMA kids are writing a variety of articles to publish in their upcoming magazine.  Conducting surveys and presenting the results has quickly become a writing form that interests the children.  A writer creates a purposeful question that will help the writer and our readers better understand our learning community.  Favorite recess activities, birthday treat options, and literary genre selections are a few of the recent survey topics.  Once the question and purpose are established, the writer conducts interviews, collects the data and creates an info-graphic to share with others.  The final step is analyzing and writing observations about the results.  Children also add their opinions describing how they might use this information in the future. 

The integration of math and writing makes Mrs. M. happy while Mrs. S jumps for joy over the authentic writing.  The children LOVE getting to know one another while gaining valuable literacy strategies based on their friendships with peers.  We must say this is a win-win-win situation!  The IMA kids look forward to sharing their publication in the near future. 

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