Friday, November 6, 2009

New Math Homework Choice

This week I will be attaching a step sheet inside your child’s Home Learning Notebook (Homework) to help you assist your child with online homework. If you have access to a computer at home, I think this is a new, fun approach to homework for your child. It offers me a way to more effectively individualize homework based on your child’s needs. It offers you a chance to see how topics are taught so that you can reinforce learning at home. The online homework will offer your child review lessons on topics we have covered in class as well as fact practice.

This online homework is meant to give your child easy access to valuable lessons. However, I will still offer a paper version of math practice activities to any family that finds online homework does not meet the needs of their home or to any family who does not have an easy, available access to the internet at home. If you would prefer to have paper homework, please let me know.

Please note – The online assignments may look daunting but I still expect your child to practice math on only 4 different nights during the week and for 20-30 minutes each night. So they do NOT need to complete every assignment! Students should continue to record what they have done in their Home Learning Notebook as they have done all year. 

Thank you so much for being open to new possibilities and for supporting our efforts at school. Your help is very important to your child’s success!


  1. I like learning math on a computer better than on
    a paper.I also like going on Pearson, too.
    And doing graphs is fun.