Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28: News From IMA

Reading OAA Test for 3rd Graders on October 2:

On Tuesday, the third graders will take the Fall OAA Reading Test.  We will begin testing at 9:30 and finish at 12:00.   Please be sure that your child arrives on time that day or he/she will not be admitted to our room and will need to make up the test on Wednesday, October 3rd.  The third graders will test with Mrs. Smith.  Fourth graders will spend the morning with Mrs. Marlatt since they are not taking the reading test until May.  Thank you in advance to all of the families who volunteered to send in water, cheese sticks and hard candies to have as snacks during testing.  The reminders of home are very uplifting!

Third grade students will receive their Fall test scores in December or January. If students do not pass the test in the fall, they have another chance to take the test and pass in the spring.  All third graders will take another, more difficult version of the OAA Reading test in May. 

Math Homework:  Due Every Thursday

Student will add math homework to their weekly homework routine.  We started keeping our reading logs last week and will now add individualized math packets.  Each child’s packet includes work that he/she needs to correct and practice work based on the current unit of study.  If your child completes his/her work, they can use the resources on our Math Resource Pages:

Students have used the math resources on our Symbaloo pages and they should be able to explain how to access the resources.  The activities have been carefully selected to match the current unit of study.  They may look fun, but they are important practice resources. 

At this time, the on-line Pearson Math resources are experiencing technical difficulties so we will not assign any work on that site until the company corrects the problems.  You will see plenty of math activities on our Symbaloo site!  Students should also continue to study their math facts if they are still working to pass their weekly fact tests.  Math homework is due every Thursday.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Reading Log:  Due Every Thursday

Independent reading is critical to a child’s reading development.  Time to read, selecting books of interest, and enthusiasm make a tremendous difference in a child’s learning.  Please help your child set aside time throughout the week to read and discuss his/her reading and learning.  Your child is expected to keep a reading log that shows 120 minutes of reading time.  They are asked to record the titles so we can help them find materials of interest.  Please visit our website ( or blog if you need to make paper copies of our reading log.  Students can also submit reading logs through our class blog or email.  During the first week, 85% of our kids submitted their homework electronically!  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Cursive Homework:
Parents received a cursive writing packet at Curriculum Night for home practice.  If you did not attend the meeting, your child is bringing home a yellow packet today.  Students are asked to complete 3 pages a week to practice cursive letter formation.  The basic letter skills are then used to write cursive words.  Please return the packet when it is completed.  Your child will receive the next packet for home practice.  Work should be completed in pencil.

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