Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reading Homework

Dear IMA Families:

Starting this week, the IMA kids will officially begin reading homework. 

How long should my child read?  How often should my child read?
Students are expected to read for a total of 120 minutes each week.  Students need to record their reading work on a book log. Some students read for 30 minutes on 4 different occasions over the week.  Some kids read for six 20-minute sessions.  Set up a reading schedule that works for your family’s schedule. Be flexible. Reading time should add up to 120 minutes.

What should my child read?  How should they read?
Students can self-select books that they can read independently, understand and enjoy.  Students can read aloud to parents or siblings.  Students can listen to parents read aloud if you have a family reading time.  Reading time can vary throughout the week.

What does the reading log look like?

Choice A:  If your child wants to submit his/her reading log on our classroom blog, you can see an example here: 

Choice B:  Your child can email me a reading blog that looks like this:

Choice C:  Your child can turn in a hard copy of his or her log.  I have a basket with copies of our log available in our classroom. Your child can pick up a copy from Room 137.  You can also find a file to copy our reading log here:  You can use the file to make a copy of the log at home.  

Thank you so much for your support!  Our first official reading log will be due on September 27.  In two weeks, we will add cursive handwriting and math homework. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Andrea and Flora

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