Monday, June 13, 2011

GoGo News: A Nonfiction Reading Resource

 GoGo News is a news website designed just for children.  Capitalizing on the natural curiosity of children and their need to read "kid-friendly" news articles about the world, the writers at GoGo News have created a fabulous info-site. GoGo News wants children to follow their instincts, ask questions, and learn about their world. The writers want readers to learn about other cultures, current news events, and interesting information about the natural world. What will you find when you visit GoGo News?

Each day, the Home Page or front page has an assortment of articles for all kinds of readers and learners.

GoGo Planet is a great source for science articles and activities that kids will LOVE exploring.

The GoGo Cool link hosts a daily historical fact similar to other "On this day..." websites designed for adults. The GoGo Fun link lets you explore unique information related to famous people and events in our world.  The GoGo Picks link is a great source for home learning resources and gift ideas that focus on helping children become better, more interesting people.

On the right sidebar you will find other links too. 

There is a daily vocabulary word activity called GoGo Words that is great fun.

GoGo TV is an area of the site that hosts interesting, kid-friendly video clips. It is in its early stages of development, but it looks like it will be a great information source in the future.  GoGo Gallery will soon be a photo resource to extend learning opportunities.

Information About This Site: To learn more about this news site and its creator Golnar Khosrowshahi, visit the About section of the GoGo website.  Find out how this working mother decided to take her daily newsletter to her twin girls and share it world-wide on the Internet. To read other reviews of this kids' website, visit GoGo News' Pressroom for reputable recommendations. As a teacher and mother, I visited this part of the website and it validated the mission of this website and increased my confidence in sharing it with my own child and students.

Happy Reading!!!! 
Let me know what you and your family thinks about this website.  
I think it has unlimited possibilities for learning!

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