Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dear IMA Families:

Multicultural Day is scheduled for May 20th .  In order to prepare for the event, we will be starting our geography projects on Monday.  Each child will create his/her own geography project at school.  Students are encouraged to read about their selected countries for home reading and this may be recorded on their homework logs.  Students can also collect artifacts outside of school with family members.  Artifacts are not required;  however, if your family has artifacts (money, samples of clothing, postcards, or other cultural items), students may bring those to support his/her digital display on Multicultural Day. 

This project integrates so many literacy and social studies standards and skills and promises to be an exciting learning adventure.

Students will:

•    select a country of interest.
•    generate 5 or more wonder questions about the country
•    conduct research to answer these questions
•    collect maps, images, and videos to support their learning
•    present their learning in a digital format, using applications learned in IMA

Many resources are available at our digital workspace for home learning.  Please visit:

Your child will need to log on to see the resources.  We use this resource at school daily, so they should know how to log on to our workspace.

Go to Mrs. Smith's file and find Geography Project for many helpful internet links.

Please let me know if you have questions about our upcoming work.

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