Thursday, April 7, 2011

But This Baby Needs A Home....

The start of spring is filled with so many memorable moments-sunshine, blooming flowers, mud puddles, spring time walks, and of course, baby animals.  After visiting our classrooms, you know that we love pets, so we wanted to share this article about what to do when you and your child encounter young wildlife that seems to be without parents.  

If you are out walking or working in your yard and you find a young creature that appears to be alone, stop and think out loud with your child.  It is only natural that our first human impulse is to assume that the creature is abandoned, needs to be taken home and hand raised...and the baby rabbit or squirrel or robin is just so cute! 

Many times, young animals are out and about away from their nests but are still under close care of their parents.  Birds, especially robins, face space issues as their chicks grow SO big and the nest is just too small. By a certain age, robins will have a satellite nest for a fledgling or 2; the parents still care for the young birds nesting on the ground or in the bushes. 

Read this article before faced with this dilemma and it will help your child understand why wild animals should stay in their natural habitat.  Follow this link:  Should I adopt and care for a wild animal (even if it is the cutest thing I've ever seen?)

If you are highly concerned about a wild creature that you discover, you can always contact The Ohio Wildlife Center.  They are a fantastic organization and are set up to hand raise and then return creatures to the wild.  Their office is nearby on Billingsly and the professionals staffing this office run an amazing wildlife rescue center. The OWF has saved us many times in the past when children arrive at school with a box holding young birds, squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons.  The all-time amazingly unusual gift was the baby skunk!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and all that the season holds. 

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