Monday, September 20, 2010

The Launch of a New Literacy Unit

Based on the district's expectations for reading and writing, we have two major literacy goals for the first trimester.  One goal is for students to become strategic readers of nonfiction texts.  The other goal is for students to develop their nonfiction writing skills. The IMA kids will explore nonfiction in both reading and writing workshops so that what they read can support what they write and what they are writing will be connected to what they are reading.

Wonder Questions will be our first big step in this process.  Ask your child about Wonder Questions and why they are important to learners.  Ask your child to explain how he/she uses Wonder Questions to focus his/her reading work.  Ask your child how he/she will use gathered information to write and share answers to Wonder Questions.

Our first Nonfiction Unit of study is one of the most powerful and exciting literacy units for students because children are so eager to learn about their world.  Be prepared for enthusiastic conversations at the dinner table!  Share your wonder questions with your child too.  Go and learn something new together.  You will be amazed at how kids seize opportunities to learn about their world!  Enjoy the adventures!

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