Monday, January 4, 2010

Resume Writing?

The IMA classes are developing personal resumes!  Today we learned about a resume and how information can be compacted to a page while still giving the reader large amounts of information to consider.  The kids looked at how resumes are organized, reviewed Mrs. Smith's personal resume, and then began drafting their own resumes.

Why, you ask?  During the coming weeks, our social studies lessons will cover jobs, economics, and the roles of different workers in a community.  Resume writing is a writing format with real-world applications. 

Resumes also create great organizers for writing letters.  And why will we be composing letters this week?

Our letter writing is connected to a new, real-world project.  The IMA kids will write letters of introduction to their new penpals at the Ohio School For the Blind! Thanks to Conner Page's father for creating this opportunity for the IMA kids.  Our students will be partnered with an OSB student and a new writing partnership will begin.  A district representative will visit our classroom and give a hands-on demonstration of Braille writing and typing tools.  I am working on a visit from a Guide Dog too. (I had to get an animal event in there somehow!)

We are very excited about this new opportunity and will keep you posted on the new partnerships.

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