Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Literacy Project

The IMA kids started a new literacy project this week.  Literary Nonfiction, a blend of information and a story, is an exciting genre for growing readers and writers.

The students began the project exploring and examining Literary Nonfiction books from our classroom collection. After identifying the important elements of this fascinating genre, the children experimented with this form of writing and wrote short, exploration pieces using photographs and Habitat experiences as a source for writing ideas.

The next step was to plan a collaborative story.  One class is writing a story about a day in the life of an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit that lives in our school's outdoor lab.  The other class is writing a book about an injured coyote who visits the outdoor lab hoping to find an easy meal due to his injuries.

The classes planned their story-lines, started conducting  research, and now the blending of facts with our stories will begin!   Our word studies, sentence studies, and vocabulary work are being inspired by nature...Imagine that!

We will keep you posted on our work.  And it is true-we will be adventuring outside into the Habitat throughout this writing unit so we can think like coyotes and rabbits!

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