Friday, January 6, 2012

Guyku-A Poetry Friday Celebration!

What is Guyku?  Is this a strange new meal?  Is it a new class pet?  Could it be a new Pokemon character?
It is a book, an idea and a great challenge….It is POETRY!!!!!

Bob Raczka and Peter Reynolds have teamed up to bring you the most interesting collection of poetry.  We have the book in class and a version on Kindle so we can share it on the Smart Board!!!! Better than that….we will start writing our own Guyku and Galku (don’t worry girls, you can participate in this too!)  What is Guyku or Galku?  It is a play-on-words describing a kind of Haiku poetry.  Rather than focusing on nature like traditional haiku, Guyku and Galku are poems that focus on the lives and interests of kids.  How fun is that?!?!

Let’s get ready to enjoy some Kidku today!!!!

Here is a link to Bob and Peter’s website:

Here is a link to Peter Reynold’s interview about Guyku:

Here is an interview with Bob Raczka:

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