Monday, December 6, 2010

Glogster? What is Glogster?

On Friday, the IMA kids explored a digital poster-making site called Glogster.  They learned how to use Glogster's many applications for creating digital posters by working together, playing with the many tools, and experimenting with the creative process of digital poster-making.  We will be using this new tool in many different ways over the course of the school year.

Glogster has public and private membership options.  We are using the website's private option so that students can work and share their posters within the supervised IMA community.  Students were issued nicknames and passwords at school. Their nicknames are a random string of letters and/or numbers and their passwords are their lunch numbers. Children are encouraged to explore the site at home and to view the work of other IMA kids.  They can leave comments for one another as they view classmates' posters.

Explore the website at this address: or Glogster EDU

This site brings a whole new meaning to posters and displays for class projects!

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