Wednesday, February 17, 2010

News-A Good-bye and a Hello

Today we discovered that our adventurous hamster, Teddy, had passed away. We will miss our little buddy.  He made us laugh and he kept us busy as he rolled around the room in his exercise wheel.  As a rescue hamster who lived more than 3 years, Teddy was the ambassador of friendship and you could not help but giggle when you met him.  He lived a full life with many trips to places unknown, as he frequently released himself from his cage. We always found him a day or two later, waiting to return to his home and waiting to see us after his short voyages.  We found him in the flower vase a few times too....waiting for us.

The good news is that after conferences this evening, a new hamster was adopted and now we have a new girl to brighten our days!  Teddy would approve of her;  she is sweet and peppy, spending a great deal of time running on her exercise wheel.  She looks like this:

We will keep you posted on her name!

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