Friday, December 4, 2009

A Visit With Dr. Languis

Dr. Languis shared the Green Machine with the IMA community today.  Chapman was lucky enough to receive a solar and wind energy unit that will allow our students to work with renewable energy for the next year.  The free standing unit will let us study how solar and wind energy is created, stored, and then used to power common household items.

The Green Machine is a perfect addition to our Community Unit and our reading of the novel, The City of Ember.  Ask your child about today's presentation and what he or she learned. 

In addition to an energy discussion, ask your child about the job he or she selected as a contributing member of Imaville, our virtual community.  The children selected a job, created business plans describing why their job is vital to the community, and have created partnerships with other Imaville residents.  IMA investigated how and why laws are created and had so much fun looking at many of the crazy laws on states' record books, learning that strange events can trigger even stranger legal reactions. 

Our Community Unit has taken off in more positive ways than we ever imagined.  We will keep you posted on the learning and we ask you to keep asking your child about Imaville and how we are learning together.

To compliment our work with Dr. Languis, Mrs. Marlatt has set up a hotlist that the children will be visiting at school. Feel free to visit it at home and try the fun links that explain energy and resources. It is at

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